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Since the ancient history exchange of goods has been a part and parcel of human existence. No man is sufficient in his resources to be able to survive completely on his own. This has given rise to exchange of goods between people. Thus the beginning of the barter system. Barter system can be equated to modern day business transactions. However, these transactions became concretized with the introduction of money in human history. This can be assumed to be the beginning of what is known as the retail market.

Business, sales and retail are inter related concepts in a country’s economy. There has to be transactions done between a buyer and seller in order to run the economy of a country smoothly. Retail is the selling of goods, between the buyer and seller in small or large quantities, for consumption purpose rather than resale purpose. Retail is the base of any business. In every country there is sales of goods in a retail market. The place where this retail transaction (buying and selling) happens is called the Point of Sale (POS).

Retail in Singapore:

Singapore is known for being the commercial hub of Asia. It has been ranked as the greatest business center in ASEAN. Retail transactions, rise and fall in shares is an everyday phenomenon in this place. For Singapore’s economy to remain as thriving as it is now, it is imperative that the retail transaction take place smoothly. In order to make this happen the POS in Singapore has to function well and not cause hassles to buyers and sellers.

In the POS in Singapore, sellers or marketers prepare invoices where the amount for the payment is mentioned. The customer or buyer makes the payment and receives a receipt for the same. With technological development in Singapore, such payments are done using technologically advanced systems. The POS systems are used to track the sale at each transaction. This is done to keep a track of the sales and also for tax purposes.

As sales in the retail market is very critical, high security has to be maintained. Often there are instances of employee theft. This leaves a lot of sensitive data vulnerable. Thus security of the POS system is very important. In Singapore where the business is the base of the economy, security of the point of sale is very important and of utmost necessity.

Starting A Business Hotel – Know These Guiding Tips

Hotel business is always a challenging yet exciting industry. Many points make a strong fundamental to a sustainable journey. There are few guiding factors from experts in the industry to look on few things which are important but not considered so. For a business destination country like Singapore, it should also need hotels serving the business trips. So for all those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wants to start of their business hotel Singapore, go on air with little care and confidence.

Things that matter – Few things matter a lot and are never trivial to consider. It is a huge investment and every detail needs to be cared and simplified if necessary.

Location is the basic check that needs to be made before planning a hotel. Where to construct and is it feasible for the business? The reason for this is, it is all in vain if the location is just beside few other top rated hotels or most liked business hotels. There needs to be some distance as much as say 2 to 4 kilometers from any other hotel. But, it also depends on the city and circumstances.

Competition – Competition is common in any industry and it helps in building a healthy growth to the organization as well. But, it is always good to know what the trend is, what is other hotels providing in respect to amenities and what is the success story. Because, it is always a learning process to be in the industry that completely depends on customer.

Market demand & Quality – Market has always an open opportunity for a new hotel or restaurant. It is always a human tendency to check on new things and checking into a new hotel for few hours to test the taste, ambiance and staff is not an exception. Quality is always an assurance to meet the demand of the customer without leaving the values and morals. It might cost high few times but then it only gets few other customers in place to balance it.

Operational attributes and concepts of restaurant – In order to satisfy the market demand it is always helpful to keep a check on customer needs and feedback. What is important is not the way it is working but the attributes that are playing a role in operating it. A warm welcome to the customer, holding the luggage, comforting in the lounge can give a good feel for the tired journey. Restaurant is not only about good food. It is also about that food served in time with patience, love and care in an ambiance that gives good memories along with cherishable taste.

Staffing & Budget – Staffing is easy. Check for those staff who can look after the customer like a family and give a comfort of home away from home. Budget depends on every small detail from the flower vase to the sofa and from the stair railing to the wooden panels. So check for the best yet in budget.

List of Useful Excel Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Excel for PC and MAC are over 200. A list of important or more to say the most commonly used shortcuts are listed here. These shortcuts may seem simple but save the user time.

Useful Excel shortcuts:

* Cntrl + PgDn: To move to the next work sheet on the right.

* Cntrl + PgUp : To move to the previous worksheet (the one on the left).

* Cntrl + Tab: When working on two or more workbook, toggles between all.

* Cntrl + Shift + Tab: Reverses the direction of toggling between open workbooks.

* Cntrl + Alt + V: Opens the paste option dialogue box. There is three options- HTML, text or Unicode. This function works differently based on the number of times it is pressed. Pressing once opens the above mentioned dialogue box.

* Cntrl + A: A common shortcut used to select all, but in excel pressing once selects one table, twice two tables and thrice the entire sheet.

* Cntrl + arrow keys: With each combination pressed, example Cntrl + up arrow the cursor moves up. It is faster than scrolling while working with a large list.

* Cntrl+Shift+( : Within a selection unhides any rows that are hidden.

* Cntrl+Shift+): Similar to the above function but unhides column.

* Cntrl+ Shift+ ^: Shortcut for exponential format.

* Cntrl+Shift+@: Time is entered.

* Cntrl+ Shift+”: Values from the cells above the active cells are copied to the Formula bar.

* Cntrl+Shift+ Plus: Insert dialog box is displayed.

* Cntrl+’: Copies the values above the active into the cell.

* Cntrl+1: Format cell dialogue box is displayed.

* Cntrl+2: Bold formatting is applies or removed.

* Cntrl+3: Italic formatting is removed or applied.

* Cntrl+4: Underline is added or removed.

* Cntrl+5: Strikethrough is applied or removed.

* Cntrl+9: Selected rows are hidden.

* Cntrl+0: Selected column is hidden.

* Cntrl+C: Selected cells are copied. Cntrl+C followed by Cntrl+C display the clipboard.

* Cntrl+H: Find and Replace box is displayed.

* Cntrl+K : Insert hyperlink dialogue box appears.

* Cntrl+F: Find and replace dialogue box appears with Find tab selected. Shift+F4 opens the last searched option. To open the Format cells dialogue box press Cntrl+Shift+F.

* Cntrl+Enter: A selected range is filled with a current entry.

The list provides only a limited number of shortcuts which make working with Excel simpler. Apart from the ones mentioned in this article there are other shortcuts with Alt combination and the function keys which are discussed during a Microsoft Excel training course.

Digital Marketing Strategies

A very good marketing strategy on the digital platform is extremely important for growing businesses to establish a strong customer base. A digital marketing strategy outlines all the crucial marketing activities that need to be carried out online. The internet today can provide a business with its widest range of target audience.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind while creating your digital marketing Singapore strategy .

Plan – Set yourself clear cut goals about what you want to achieve through digital marketing – whether it is getting more customers, or expanding your online presence, or generating more online traffic. Having set goals and objectives help you to focus. Decide on a budget as well. A budget always makes your goals more realistic.

Prepare Calls to Action (CTA) – These are specific phrases, prompts or images that encourage visitors to take actions. These may be feedbacks about the website, webinars, demo requests, subscription to newsletters, etc. This gives you an opportunity to collect information regarding them – their names, email ids, contact numbers, etc. CTAs should always be able to grab the attention of your potential consumers; persuade them to visit your website and should result in convincing them to take the next step.

Reach out – Create awareness about your business, products and services on other websites, networks, blogs, search engines, social networking sites, etc by paid services. This is a great opportunity of showing your potential customers that you have what they are looking for. Once you get to know of the interests of these visitors start providing them with more targeted and personalised information.

Direct traffic – Use quality contents such as blog posts, press releases, articles to give your customers more information. Search Engine Optimisation and use of related keywords generate higher volumes of traffic.

Engage – Half the success of good marketing lies in the ability to engage your customers. Encourage them to participate in various surveys, info graphics, quizzes, etc. Engagement on this level will make customers willing to share your content or certain links with their friends on the various social networking sites. This in turn gives your business the opportunity to develop long term relationships with both their existing and new customers. When these potential customers keep coming back to your site send them emails. This would be a periodical reminder of your presence.

This is the best way of converting potential customers into loyal customers.

Singapore and WSH

Singapore is renowned to be the best commercial hub in Asia. It is ranked as the best business hub in the ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations]. The reasons for this reputation of Singapore is its well-developed, market oriented economy. There are several factors that make Singapore the most coveted city in Asia for entrepreneurs to start their business. It is mainly due to its stable government with no political hassle and lack of corruption. It has been ranked the seventh least corrupted economy. Added to these two advantages Singapore has low tax rates with the highest per capita GDP.

To be the most successful commercial hub of Asia, Singapore had to ensure that the people working the city worked in safe and healthy environment. Thus workplace safety and health (WSH) issues became of utmost importance to them. The government of Singapore took it upon themselves to ensure that WSH matters were taken care of by employees and employers by passing the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act was extended to cover all workplaces on September 2011. Under this Act, employers must manage risk conditions in their workplaces and employees must adhere to practices that would ensure their safety and good health.

Under this Act, the employees must ensure that they follow safety and health procedures at workplace. They must not endanger their or their colleague’s life, they should also not tamper with safety devices or handle them recklessly. They should report about any hazardous condition that they notice and provide feedback as to how to improve upon them. For this proper WSH training is conducted in Singapore.

Under this Act, the employers are also entitles to certain rules and practices. They have to eradicate or at least control risk at the workplace. They must ensure safe work environment, must make sure that while handling devices employees follow safe methods. They must make plans for dealing with emergencies and share these plans with the employees, along with providing them with enough resources to deal with emergency situations.

Thus it is very important that proper WSH training is given to both the employee and the employer. Proper certified programs are there to make sure that WSH is taken seriously by the employer and employee in Singapore. There are various levels of these certified programs and to complete all the levels and attain mastery in the subject of WSH it takes around two to three years.

Singapore: the fertile soil for business

Singapore has been the land of commercial growth. Singapore remains to be the most coveted business hub in ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations]. It has had a very high developed economy that has always been very market orientated. Singapore is one of the most pro-business economy as it is the most open economy in the world. It has been ranked the seventh least corrupted economy. Also, Singapore has low tax rates with its Gross Domestic Product [GDP] being 14.2 %. It has the third highest per capita GDP in the world, in accordance to the Purchasing Power Parity [PPP].

Singapore remains to be one of the best choice to start one’s business as it offers most of the factors that are favorable for the inception and growth of one’s business. Firstly, Singapore is low on corruption, which makes it easy to set up one’s business there. Secondly, Singapore has a very stable government. With no political turmoil, Singapore becomes an amenable place to run a business. Thus it is indeed advisable to register company in Singapore.

It is true that Singapore does pose some challenges to start a business, some of them being, scarcity of low cost labor, high lease rates for office premises and high rent for housing. However, with time Singapore has worked on these limitations and the degree of satisfaction of individuals who have their businesses up and running in Singapore has gone up. Going by these improvement one can always vouch for the fact that Singapore is a land that provides fertile grounds for industrial and commercial growth and can go ahead to register company in Singapore.

Singapore also has many consultancy firms that can provide a tailor-made solution to any entrepreneur who has a work plan ready and wishes to start his/her business in Singapore. Having working in Singapore for a long time they know both the strength and limitations of this place very well. Hence they are like a one stop solution for all the queries and problems that the entrepreneur might be facing.

Hence one can definitely be satisfied and convinced that Singapore is the place to register your company and start your business, because Singapore has and will always remain to be the city that encourages bright ideas and ensures that all dreams come true. Thus one should not waste time in trying to find the right place to begin one’s company as Singapore is the best choice that one can ever think of.

Singapore and startups

Singapore is renowned as the best commercial hub in Asia. It is ranked as the best business hub in the ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations]. The reasons for Singapore’s industrial growth are– well-developed, market oriented economy, stable government with no political hassle and lack of corruption. It has been ranked the seventh least corrupted economy. Added to these two advantages Singapore has low tax rates with the highest per capita GDP. It has always been the haven for entrepreneurs, the most coveted city to begin one’s startup and fulfill one’s dreams.

When starting a business one has to keep in mind a lot of factors: finding the relevant and right market for the services that the business is promising to provide, finding the right skill and talent who can deliver the promised services efficiently and seamlessly, meeting client demands satisfactorily and maintaining a human resource team that would look after various operational tasks. Of all the teams the HR team is an internal team looking after the company’s internal tasks. They are the team that does not generate revenue for the company. Thus it is the most cost incurring team. In the human resource team, the group looking after the payroll operations is essentially crucial to the company.

As Singapore encourages startups, it has many companies offering to work as third party vendors to the startups to look after their payroll operations. This saves a lot of cost for the startup which they can then use for other enhancement of the business. Hence payroll outsourcing in Singapore is a well-established practice and helps many startups. Also, apart from cost saving, it also frees many resources who can take up more challenging and demanding roles that would be beneficial to the company. It is also a huge time saver as lots of time goes in calculating wages of the employees and year-end tax deductions.

Thus payroll outsourcing in Singapore is convenient because it does not only helps business owners who begin their company in the city but also has led to the inception of many small consultancy firms who very diligently and efficiently look into these matters. Thus in turn many startups have started in Singapore who only work as third party vendors looking into the payroll functionality of various companies. Thus outsourcing of payroll operations leads to a two-fold commercial growth as not only does a company which needs to outsource it payroll work benefits from doing so, but also the company to whom it is outsourced.

How Chinese as a language can influence your life?

Chinese is one of the world’s most spoken languages in the world; it is spoken predominantly in china. China is one of the world’s largest economy, the career prospects in china is numerous. Learning Chinese can drastically improve your career prospects in china and in countries where Chinese companies have business interest.

There are many benefits to learning a language like Chinese and it can even change your life for good.

Career prospects

China is the second largest economy in the world only behind the USA. With more than a billion speakers Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The vast majority of people who talk Chinese are the Chinese people themselves. As the Chinese companies try to expand outside and foreign companies try to set up shop in china, there is a huge need of Chinese speaking professionals to handle important posts within the company. This means accesses to high paying jobs are easy for Chinese speakers. Learn mandarin in Singapore to make use of these career opportunities.

Cognitive benefits

Chinese is said to be the world’s toughest language to study, this requires a lot of head work and concentration to study. Researches have shown that learning a foreign language can improve the functioning of the brain and makes it sharper and smarter. Learning a new language is attributed as exercise for the brain to improve its capacity. It was also found that people who learn a new language tend to calculate faster mentally and had better problem solving ability than their peers.


In today’s competitive environment, the ability to multitask efficiently is a valuable gift. According to studies due to the increase in the brain’s capacity and concentration due to studying a new language like Chinese improves your multitasking abilities. The effect of learning a new language develops the gray matter in the brain similar to how exercise develops our muscles. Multitasking can help you finish your work faster and be more productive at work. This can translate to money in your wallet.

The importance of learning a new language are plenty, especially a language like Chinese provides you with so many opportunities to improve your life. The Chinese language skill set is very much in demand in the present market; learn mandarin in Singapore can help you learn the language to have a brighter future

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