Should you Invest in a Food Chain Franchise?

Also known as the food capital of Asia, food chain franchise in Singapore is considered as a safe bet. Food is never affected by economic or political conditions. Given the diversity of Singapore population, the opportunities are abundant. The emergence of new concept restaurants is testimony of the willingness of Singaporeans to try something new.

Food chain franchise- the inside story:

Decide on investing in a food franchise only after you consider these points:

* Labor is hard to find: Restaurateurs in Singapore have been constantly vexed on finding and retaining their cooks and support staff. Maintaining a hired kitchen staff is harder than getting to work on time in rush hour traffic. Problems crop up because of the worker demands. Before starting off, do your homework on preparing the dishes you wish to serve.

* License issues: License can be applied for and bought without hiring an external agent. The consultation fees of such experts are high and only add to the cost of investment. A good place to start is EnterpriseOne to check out the various license types available. Know that different licenses fall under the category of their respective statutory board.

* Restaurants demand a high initial investment: Singapore offers limited retail space. Given this restriction, rental prices are off the roof. The government however has certain grants in place that are applicable to the beverage and food industry. One of these includes the PIC or Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme offered by IRAS. PIC offers rebates on innovative business activities like investment in a noodle making machine that not only saves on labor but also increases productivity.

* Location: For a restaurant, the primary focus is the location. Most restaurants fail because of their reclusive location. Do not compromise on location.

* Hire the right hands: It is obvious but a restaurant is only as good as the food served there. Work on hiring the right chef. Pay special attention to ensure that the taste is not compromised on. There are many instances when a restaurant known for its delicacies went into a downward spiral because the head chef quit. Keep the chefs happy if you wish to sustain and not shut shop in five years.

* Maintain high standards: Good service is as important as service. Train hosts to interact with customers pleasantly to maintain the right ambiance.

Food industry still remains one of the top Singapore franchise opportunity. For more information log on to

Experience The Most Authentic F&b Franchise Singapore Hides For You

New foods are being introduced all over the world by restaurant owners who want to branch out and make their food accessible for customers all over the world. There are a few difficulties that come with opening up a restaurant and expanding it, however, there are many more benefits that once dealt with, make the concerns unimportant. From bringing southern American food to Europe or shima from Africa, the most popular local F&B franchise Singapore has to offer, locals and visitors alike, is not a bad idea at all.

Asian food is enjoyed all over the world, and is something that many even travel far to eat, back to Asia from where is first originated. There are Asian who have spread all over the world opening up restaurants, many have been found to be successful and have enjoyed sharing their love for food with the world. This is what this form of business is; a place in which one can visit and be able to get a taste of a place that is far away, in their own town.

There are a few things that must however be overcome first. This is the fact that each recipe needs to be an exact replica of that as the original restaurant, as to give the customers a taste of what’s far away. Accessibility of sushi, if need be, or ostrich, needs to be made possible in order for the recipe to work out well and clients, to be impressed.

There are plenty of things that can be very beneficial for any owner when choosing this line of work. These include the free marketing that each restaurant gets as soon as the contract is signed, the training that the staffs is sent through in order to deliver a certain service level and even the restaurant setting all done by professional stylists as to imitate the original restaurant. Most things are re-planned and will be taken care of by the owner of the firm, as reputation is extremely important.

There are a few disadvantages. One bad review can reflect on all. Accessibility is needed in order to be able to receive all necessary merchandise for the business to be set up.

There is little to no competition between the same sort of establishments. Money needs to be made yes, it all goes to one name. Working together for the same franchising head office means just that–working together.

A franchise restaurant is a good choice to make. Familiarity is something many flock to and this draws in customers. There are great things in store for owners who chose a food and beverage firm in Singapore.

Cyber Security and ITIL

As the world move towards better connectivity and increased reliance on data online, it is vital to ensure a high level of security in order to prevent any untoward incidents. Businesses have to be extra careful because they are dealing with large repositories of customer data. This data can be compromised if appropriate measures aren’t taken to keep them secure from cyber criminals.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is a success framework which consists of a number of best practices which can be implemented in IT service management. It is used to provide superior IT services by defining the goals, processes, and procedures of the organization. The flexibility of ITIL allows you to implement solutions without including every aspect of the framework.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the management and protection of information systems from being stolen, damaged, or disrupted. Breaches in security happen often and are intentional or accidental. When a breach occurs the system’s data becomes vulnerable and can be accessed by people who are not authorized to view it.

Using ITIL to provide security

Security management is a level in ITIL which includes the planning and management of IT services and incidents. Security isn’t something you implement once; it is an ongoing process which has to be monitored and managed continuously. There are 5 areas of security which an organization has to handle.

* Planning. Access the need for and the level of security in your organization. Evaluate the risks involved in implementing them and suggest steps to mitigate them.

* Implementation. Introducing the new operational changes in security and ensuring risk management measures are in place.

* Control. Security is a value-add to your organization which will improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. It is important there be a formal policy to address security and the steps to be taken to enhance it.

* Evaluation. This is vital to measure the effectiveness of the security system. You have to go through numerous event and security logs to ensure the system in place is successful in its function.

* Maintenance. Customer and company data is sensitive and have to be handled as such. Regular maintenance of the security system will help you find new threats and allow the enforcement of stricter policies to tackle them.

If you are looking for an ITIL certification in Singapore, there are plenty of vendors who offer their services. With the certification under your belt, you are well-prepared to handle issues related to incident, project, change, and even security management. You can thus implement solutions which can impact your organization positively.

There Are Many Types Of Kiosk That Can Match Every Requirement – Check This

Self Service Kiosk is a terminal that is computerized which can feature all the exceptional software and hardware developed to exhibit in the public for accessing any kind of information and any kind of application to communicate, commerce, education and entertainment. Initially they were designed like the telephone booths and now are the days where they are being used whilst sitting on a chair or bench at their own comfort. Also, Kiosk is not a limited software / hardware version. It keeps changing for every requirement and can match every demand. There is a variety of self service kiosk used for many purposes. So, check these types and match the one to meet the demand.

Types –

Telekiosk – It is considered by many as the successor to that of a telephone booth for its resembling looks. These Kiosks are set up in public and is accessible to everyone for the purpose of communication. Initially it was used for email purpose, faxing or even to send a SMS. Quite sometimes it served as a telephone too. But it is no longer used and rare to find one.

Financial Services – This type of Kiosk helps in providing the comfort to customers in order to perform tasks like transacting money, which requires any person to guide on bank related details. In any teller machine it generally takes longer time than expected and is complex. So these Kiosks help with easy steps in making transactions or clarifying the queries.

Photo Kiosk – It is a self service kiosk that helps printing the digital images. For instance, the Kodak Company has set up as many as 1 Lakh units to print the photos taken in digital camera. All it had were customized LCD screened personal computers to print in the central printer with the assistance of customer service chain.

Internet Kiosk – An internet kiosk is featured to provide the public an access to internet. Few kiosks are designed like that of telephone booths while the others are set up like a box in any crowded place and where the requirement is of much demand. For example this kiosk can be used in the lobbies of hotel, waiting rooms in hospitals, complex offices, lounge of office and airports. With this kiosk one can access e-mail or browse through web pages and make payments by swiping a credit card.

Ticketing Kiosk – It is used in many amusement parks and cruise ships to check in the park or ship. With this ticketing, there is absolutely no necessity for a person to attend the customer and make a ticket for him / her. Many local trains and metro trains in many cities across the globe use the same system.

ERP accounting and business accuracy

Business Scenario

In the present times, everyone is very competitive. Competition is found in everything. Competition, whether healthy or unhealthy begins from school itself. This competitive streak carries on and infiltrates the work environment of every individual. In this world of corporatization, competition is the feature that dominates the business environment. In this competition, the primary resource of every organization is information. It is imperative for the decision-makers of an organization to have the correct data at the right time. Without this any organization is bound to meet its doom. Thus effective management of data is very important for every organization.

Information is of no use if it is not accurate and relevant. Also, if the information is not received on time, one cannot make full use of it. Every organization has a mechanism to collect and analyze these information to make their timely use. Such mechanism is a boon of what is known as ERP accounting software. Through these Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting software data is collected and made use of, which helps any organization to remain one step ahead in the competitive corporate world. In the changing environment, any organization will have to quickly respond to a change in the market trend. For this quick availability of data is indispensable.

Business Accuracy

Accuracy in business is very important in the modern ever changing business world. Every organization has various departments with their own systems. For example, the manufacturing department has its own production planning system, there is an accounting system for the finance department, and the storage department too has its own inventory management system. All these departments have their own sets of information. No department can work in isolation. Hence for the different departments to function well and efficiently there has to be a common platform where all their data is collated. Such platforms are formed using ERP accounting software.

To prove the adage “United we stand, divided we fall” wrong, and make progress and profit in business, all the departments in an organization must function together as one unit. Thus in order to inculcate this culture of unity, the implementation of the ERP system is an absolute necessity. In this manner accurate and relevant data will be catered to any department in a timely manner. This will ensure that the organization achieves its goals and remains ahead of its competitors in business. Thus for business accuracy, ERP accounting systems are a necessity.

Sales, Business and Singapore

Since the ancient history exchange of goods has been a part and parcel of human existence. No man is sufficient in his resources to be able to survive completely on his own. This has given rise to exchange of goods between people. Thus the beginning of the barter system. Barter system can be equated to modern day business transactions. However, these transactions became concretized with the introduction of money in human history. This can be assumed to be the beginning of what is known as the retail market.

Business, sales and retail are inter related concepts in a country’s economy. There has to be transactions done between a buyer and seller in order to run the economy of a country smoothly. Retail is the selling of goods, between the buyer and seller in small or large quantities, for consumption purpose rather than resale purpose. Retail is the base of any business. In every country there is sales of goods in a retail market. The place where this retail transaction (buying and selling) happens is called the Point of Sale (POS).

Retail in Singapore:

Singapore is known for being the commercial hub of Asia. It has been ranked as the greatest business center in ASEAN. Retail transactions, rise and fall in shares is an everyday phenomenon in this place. For Singapore’s economy to remain as thriving as it is now, it is imperative that the retail transaction take place smoothly. In order to make this happen the POS in Singapore has to function well and not cause hassles to buyers and sellers.

In the POS in Singapore, sellers or marketers prepare invoices where the amount for the payment is mentioned. The customer or buyer makes the payment and receives a receipt for the same. With technological development in Singapore, such payments are done using technologically advanced systems. The POS systems are used to track the sale at each transaction. This is done to keep a track of the sales and also for tax purposes.

As sales in the retail market is very critical, high security has to be maintained. Often there are instances of employee theft. This leaves a lot of sensitive data vulnerable. Thus security of the POS system is very important. In Singapore where the business is the base of the economy, security of the point of sale is very important and of utmost necessity.

Starting A Business Hotel – Know These Guiding Tips

Hotel business is always a challenging yet exciting industry. Many points make a strong fundamental to a sustainable journey. There are few guiding factors from experts in the industry to look on few things which are important but not considered so. For a business destination country like Singapore, it should also need hotels serving the business trips. So for all those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wants to start of their business hotel Singapore, go on air with little care and confidence.

Things that matter – Few things matter a lot and are never trivial to consider. It is a huge investment and every detail needs to be cared and simplified if necessary.

Location is the basic check that needs to be made before planning a hotel. Where to construct and is it feasible for the business? The reason for this is, it is all in vain if the location is just beside few other top rated hotels or most liked business hotels. There needs to be some distance as much as say 2 to 4 kilometers from any other hotel. But, it also depends on the city and circumstances.

Competition – Competition is common in any industry and it helps in building a healthy growth to the organization as well. But, it is always good to know what the trend is, what is other hotels providing in respect to amenities and what is the success story. Because, it is always a learning process to be in the industry that completely depends on customer.

Market demand & Quality – Market has always an open opportunity for a new hotel or restaurant. It is always a human tendency to check on new things and checking into a new hotel for few hours to test the taste, ambiance and staff is not an exception. Quality is always an assurance to meet the demand of the customer without leaving the values and morals. It might cost high few times but then it only gets few other customers in place to balance it.

Operational attributes and concepts of restaurant – In order to satisfy the market demand it is always helpful to keep a check on customer needs and feedback. What is important is not the way it is working but the attributes that are playing a role in operating it. A warm welcome to the customer, holding the luggage, comforting in the lounge can give a good feel for the tired journey. Restaurant is not only about good food. It is also about that food served in time with patience, love and care in an ambiance that gives good memories along with cherishable taste.

Staffing & Budget – Staffing is easy. Check for those staff who can look after the customer like a family and give a comfort of home away from home. Budget depends on every small detail from the flower vase to the sofa and from the stair railing to the wooden panels. So check for the best yet in budget.

List of Useful Excel Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Excel for PC and MAC are over 200. A list of important or more to say the most commonly used shortcuts are listed here. These shortcuts may seem simple but save the user time.

Useful Excel shortcuts:

* Cntrl + PgDn: To move to the next work sheet on the right.

* Cntrl + PgUp : To move to the previous worksheet (the one on the left).

* Cntrl + Tab: When working on two or more workbook, toggles between all.

* Cntrl + Shift + Tab: Reverses the direction of toggling between open workbooks.

* Cntrl + Alt + V: Opens the paste option dialogue box. There is three options- HTML, text or Unicode. This function works differently based on the number of times it is pressed. Pressing once opens the above mentioned dialogue box.

* Cntrl + A: A common shortcut used to select all, but in excel pressing once selects one table, twice two tables and thrice the entire sheet.

* Cntrl + arrow keys: With each combination pressed, example Cntrl + up arrow the cursor moves up. It is faster than scrolling while working with a large list.

* Cntrl+Shift+( : Within a selection unhides any rows that are hidden.

* Cntrl+Shift+): Similar to the above function but unhides column.

* Cntrl+ Shift+ ^: Shortcut for exponential format.

* Cntrl+Shift+@: Time is entered.

* Cntrl+ Shift+”: Values from the cells above the active cells are copied to the Formula bar.

* Cntrl+Shift+ Plus: Insert dialog box is displayed.

* Cntrl+’: Copies the values above the active into the cell.

* Cntrl+1: Format cell dialogue box is displayed.

* Cntrl+2: Bold formatting is applies or removed.

* Cntrl+3: Italic formatting is removed or applied.

* Cntrl+4: Underline is added or removed.

* Cntrl+5: Strikethrough is applied or removed.

* Cntrl+9: Selected rows are hidden.

* Cntrl+0: Selected column is hidden.

* Cntrl+C: Selected cells are copied. Cntrl+C followed by Cntrl+C display the clipboard.

* Cntrl+H: Find and Replace box is displayed.

* Cntrl+K : Insert hyperlink dialogue box appears.

* Cntrl+F: Find and replace dialogue box appears with Find tab selected. Shift+F4 opens the last searched option. To open the Format cells dialogue box press Cntrl+Shift+F.

* Cntrl+Enter: A selected range is filled with a current entry.

The list provides only a limited number of shortcuts which make working with Excel simpler. Apart from the ones mentioned in this article there are other shortcuts with Alt combination and the function keys which are discussed during a Microsoft Excel training course.

Digital Marketing Strategies

A very good marketing strategy on the digital platform is extremely important for growing businesses to establish a strong customer base. A digital marketing strategy outlines all the crucial marketing activities that need to be carried out online. The internet today can provide a business with its widest range of target audience.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind while creating your digital marketing Singapore strategy .

Plan – Set yourself clear cut goals about what you want to achieve through digital marketing – whether it is getting more customers, or expanding your online presence, or generating more online traffic. Having set goals and objectives help you to focus. Decide on a budget as well. A budget always makes your goals more realistic.

Prepare Calls to Action (CTA) – These are specific phrases, prompts or images that encourage visitors to take actions. These may be feedbacks about the website, webinars, demo requests, subscription to newsletters, etc. This gives you an opportunity to collect information regarding them – their names, email ids, contact numbers, etc. CTAs should always be able to grab the attention of your potential consumers; persuade them to visit your website and should result in convincing them to take the next step.

Reach out – Create awareness about your business, products and services on other websites, networks, blogs, search engines, social networking sites, etc by paid services. This is a great opportunity of showing your potential customers that you have what they are looking for. Once you get to know of the interests of these visitors start providing them with more targeted and personalised information.

Direct traffic – Use quality contents such as blog posts, press releases, articles to give your customers more information. Search Engine Optimisation and use of related keywords generate higher volumes of traffic.

Engage – Half the success of good marketing lies in the ability to engage your customers. Encourage them to participate in various surveys, info graphics, quizzes, etc. Engagement on this level will make customers willing to share your content or certain links with their friends on the various social networking sites. This in turn gives your business the opportunity to develop long term relationships with both their existing and new customers. When these potential customers keep coming back to your site send them emails. This would be a periodical reminder of your presence.

This is the best way of converting potential customers into loyal customers.

Singapore and WSH

Singapore is renowned to be the best commercial hub in Asia. It is ranked as the best business hub in the ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations]. The reasons for this reputation of Singapore is its well-developed, market oriented economy. There are several factors that make Singapore the most coveted city in Asia for entrepreneurs to start their business. It is mainly due to its stable government with no political hassle and lack of corruption. It has been ranked the seventh least corrupted economy. Added to these two advantages Singapore has low tax rates with the highest per capita GDP.

To be the most successful commercial hub of Asia, Singapore had to ensure that the people working the city worked in safe and healthy environment. Thus workplace safety and health (WSH) issues became of utmost importance to them. The government of Singapore took it upon themselves to ensure that WSH matters were taken care of by employees and employers by passing the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act was extended to cover all workplaces on September 2011. Under this Act, employers must manage risk conditions in their workplaces and employees must adhere to practices that would ensure their safety and good health.

Under this Act, the employees must ensure that they follow safety and health procedures at workplace. They must not endanger their or their colleague’s life, they should also not tamper with safety devices or handle them recklessly. They should report about any hazardous condition that they notice and provide feedback as to how to improve upon them. For this proper WSH training is conducted in Singapore.

Under this Act, the employers are also entitles to certain rules and practices. They have to eradicate or at least control risk at the workplace. They must ensure safe work environment, must make sure that while handling devices employees follow safe methods. They must make plans for dealing with emergencies and share these plans with the employees, along with providing them with enough resources to deal with emergency situations.

Thus it is very important that proper WSH training is given to both the employee and the employer. Proper certified programs are there to make sure that WSH is taken seriously by the employer and employee in Singapore. There are various levels of these certified programs and to complete all the levels and attain mastery in the subject of WSH it takes around two to three years.

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