Cyber Security and ITIL

As the world move towards better connectivity and increased reliance on data online, it is vital to ensure a high level of security in order to prevent any untoward incidents. Businesses have to be extra careful because they are dealing with large repositories of customer data. This data can be compromised if appropriate measures aren’t taken to keep them secure from cyber criminals.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is a success framework which consists of a number of best practices which can be implemented in IT service management. It is used to provide superior IT services by defining the goals, processes, and procedures of the organization. The flexibility of ITIL allows you to implement solutions without including every aspect of the framework.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the management and protection of information systems from being stolen, damaged, or disrupted. Breaches in security happen often and are intentional or accidental. When a breach occurs the system’s data becomes vulnerable and can be accessed by people who are not authorized to view it.

Using ITIL to provide security

Security management is a level in ITIL which includes the planning and management of IT services and incidents. Security isn’t something you implement once; it is an ongoing process which has to be monitored and managed continuously. There are 5 areas of security which an organization has to handle.

* Planning. Access the need for and the level of security in your organization. Evaluate the risks involved in implementing them and suggest steps to mitigate them.

* Implementation. Introducing the new operational changes in security and ensuring risk management measures are in place.

* Control. Security is a value-add to your organization which will improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. It is important there be a formal policy to address security and the steps to be taken to enhance it.

* Evaluation. This is vital to measure the effectiveness of the security system. You have to go through numerous event and security logs to ensure the system in place is successful in its function.

* Maintenance. Customer and company data is sensitive and have to be handled as such. Regular maintenance of the security system will help you find new threats and allow the enforcement of stricter policies to tackle them.

If you are looking for an ITIL certification in Singapore, there are plenty of vendors who offer their services. With the certification under your belt, you are well-prepared to handle issues related to incident, project, change, and even security management. You can thus implement solutions which can impact your organization positively.

There Are Many Types Of Kiosk That Can Match Every Requirement – Check This

Self Service Kiosk is a terminal that is computerized which can feature all the exceptional software and hardware developed to exhibit in the public for accessing any kind of information and any kind of application to communicate, commerce, education and entertainment. Initially they were designed like the telephone booths and now are the days where they are being used whilst sitting on a chair or bench at their own comfort. Also, Kiosk is not a limited software / hardware version. It keeps changing for every requirement and can match every demand. There is a variety of self service kiosk used for many purposes. So, check these types and match the one to meet the demand.

Types –

Telekiosk – It is considered by many as the successor to that of a telephone booth for its resembling looks. These Kiosks are set up in public and is accessible to everyone for the purpose of communication. Initially it was used for email purpose, faxing or even to send a SMS. Quite sometimes it served as a telephone too. But it is no longer used and rare to find one.

Financial Services – This type of Kiosk helps in providing the comfort to customers in order to perform tasks like transacting money, which requires any person to guide on bank related details. In any teller machine it generally takes longer time than expected and is complex. So these Kiosks help with easy steps in making transactions or clarifying the queries.

Photo Kiosk – It is a self service kiosk that helps printing the digital images. For instance, the Kodak Company has set up as many as 1 Lakh units to print the photos taken in digital camera. All it had were customized LCD screened personal computers to print in the central printer with the assistance of customer service chain.

Internet Kiosk – An internet kiosk is featured to provide the public an access to internet. Few kiosks are designed like that of telephone booths while the others are set up like a box in any crowded place and where the requirement is of much demand. For example this kiosk can be used in the lobbies of hotel, waiting rooms in hospitals, complex offices, lounge of office and airports. With this kiosk one can access e-mail or browse through web pages and make payments by swiping a credit card.

Ticketing Kiosk – It is used in many amusement parks and cruise ships to check in the park or ship. With this ticketing, there is absolutely no necessity for a person to attend the customer and make a ticket for him / her. Many local trains and metro trains in many cities across the globe use the same system.