A very good marketing strategy on the digital platform is extremely important for growing businesses to establish a strong customer base. A digital marketing strategy outlines all the crucial marketing activities that need to be carried out online. The internet today can provide a business with its widest range of target audience.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind while creating your digital marketing Singapore strategy .

Plan – Set yourself clear cut goals about what you want to achieve through digital marketing – whether it is getting more customers, or expanding your online presence, or generating more online traffic. Having set goals and objectives help you to focus. Decide on a budget as well. A budget always makes your goals more realistic.

Prepare Calls to Action (CTA) – These are specific phrases, prompts or images that encourage visitors to take actions. These may be feedbacks about the website, webinars, demo requests, subscription to newsletters, etc. This gives you an opportunity to collect information regarding them – their names, email ids, contact numbers, etc. CTAs should always be able to grab the attention of your potential consumers; persuade them to visit your website and should result in convincing them to take the next step.

Reach out – Create awareness about your business, products and services on other websites, networks, blogs, search engines, social networking sites, etc by paid services. This is a great opportunity of showing your potential customers that you have what they are looking for. Once you get to know of the interests of these visitors start providing them with more targeted and personalised information.

Direct traffic – Use quality contents such as blog posts, press releases, articles to give your customers more information. Search Engine Optimisation and use of related keywords generate higher volumes of traffic.

Engage – Half the success of good marketing lies in the ability to engage your customers. Encourage them to participate in various surveys, info graphics, quizzes, etc. Engagement on this level will make customers willing to share your content or certain links with their friends on the various social networking sites. This in turn gives your business the opportunity to develop long term relationships with both their existing and new customers. When these potential customers keep coming back to your site send them emails. This would be a periodical reminder of your presence.

This is the best way of converting potential customers into loyal customers.